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Books & Bread Review

I have a new hobby. It's baking artisan breads, This loaf is pumpernickel. You know what? Bread goes well with my books! :) Try it!

I begin my review of Murray Pura’s novel, “Beautiful Skin”, with the end, which resurrected memories of my father, who while my brother and I were serving kept a Christmas tree up until March so as my brother would also have a Christmas.

A moving romance, which takes place predominately during the Second World War in the areas around and in between the Ukraine and Germany, Mr. Pura drew me in with his knowledge of the area and history. His depth in the characters he portrayed had led me to ask the question almost immediately, was this biographical of a family member.

Contacting Mr. Pura on social media one will find out that he is affable and will respond in kind.

The romance is well written. It took me from the gray in war torn Europe; to the brightness of post war Canada and the story of a family dealing with post war loss and the newness of the cold war.

What struck me and stood out is that I was reading and enjoying a warm romance from the perspective of the Germans during the gray and darkness of the war. It brought another perspective to what is usually cold facts in history books, adding humanity and life to what one views as the enemy during the time.

Wil Carpenter


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