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New Things

It's Passover and it's Passion Week. Definitely a week of spiritual journey and reflection and inspiration.

I've finally gotten around to revitalizing my author's website which has been dormant for a number of months. However, now that the only ways I'm connecting with my readers digitally is by means of Goodreads and my author's website it was time to give the webpage some TLC. I hope you like the changes and additions. Let me know if you'd like to see other things posted at Murray Pura Author.

I've begun doing regular giveaways on Goodreads. Please join me there and become a friend. My most recent giveaway was in February for Book # 4 in the family saga, The Zoya Septet. There were over 1100 entries. I plan to do another giveaway in April and a third in May. I'll tell you about them here, but they have to be entered on the Goodreads site.

Winter left and came back in the Rockies. Most of March was mild and sunny and I chopped wood in my T shirt or a light sweater. No sooner do the robins return than it gets frosty again. So it goes by the big mountains. I don't mind the crystalline beauty, the ranchers want the moisture and the sun will melt it all in a few days. It's still spring and our planet is

closer to the sun.

A reluctant spring just encourages us to persevere and endure and keep moving forward in its direction of light and warmth. That's the hidden blessing. Whether we're living, seeking, writing or struggling. We're pushed to keep on.

May this week, whatever it holds, be that kind of blessing for you.


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