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Resilience, grit, adventure & love

Book Review

Reviewed by Jennifer Ibiam for Readers' Favorite

Solina was born into an extremely wealthy family from Hong Kong. When she was seventeen and tired of Chinese rule, she led a push-back protest against the government. Solina was caught, almost taken to jail, and disowned by her parents. Her life was in danger, so she made her escape to the United States. There, an Amish couple offered to take her in. She was to stay under the radar with them for one year before finding her path. Solina, a wealthy city girl, is thrown from the highly sophisticated world of Hong Kong into the heart of Idaho where she encounters the very different world of the Amish. Follow Solina on her adventures in Hong Kong Amish: The Ranchers of Idaho, a beautiful book written by Murray Pura. Hong Kong Amish by Murray Pura is a thorough blend of Amish life and society. It was laced with humor and explored themes like resilience, grit, acceptance, adventure, pure love, and self-discovery among others. The principal character, Solina, made the story worth my while. She was the queen of witty remarks and humor. With Solina’s well-developed character and creative use of words, Murray brought the plot to life, and I enjoyed every bit. The descriptions of the Amish community by Solina made me dream about moving to such a calm, natural, and healthier environment, undisturbed by fumes, noises, and other kinds of pollution. I felt God’s love in the community, in the way they looked out for each other and everything else. The Amish were also self-sufficient, which is the best thing that can happen to anyone. I loved this book and hope to read more from Murray.


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